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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Henna Tattoo Designs Much more like the Real Thing

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Today henna tattoos are steadily gaining in popularity. These tattoos are non-permanent and they stain only the top layer of the skin using a paste product called henna. The tattoos made of this material are usually brown in color but some artists use variety of mixes to produce significant shades. This is done by adding leaves, fruits, coffee, etc to the paste. When doing intricate body art designs, adding sugar and oil to the paste strengthens its color and duration.
Most henna tattoos last only 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon the henna being used and the care the user took of the tattooed area. Tattoo designs have different meaning to each member of the society. Some designs symbolize hope, good health, wisdom, fertility, spirits, and protection. Find The Top Tattoo Designs Of 2012, Click Here!!
The amazing designs of henna tattoos are made possible by crushing the leaves of a henna plant. There are thousands of henna tattoo designs to choose from and most of them are inspired according to the regions they are affiliated with. Most of the time, you will see henna designs that have floral patterns. They usually start out as swirls but will eventually come out as solid designs. Some of the most popular include flowers, leafy tendrils, and flowery trails.
Henna tattoos are flexible since they can be drawn on any part of the body. To date, the hands have been the most popular area to place the henna art, usually on the wrist. Applying henna designs to the feet is the most difficult. When designing tattoos for the feet, the bottom parts are decorated with different shades to complement the tip of the toes. Designing henna arts on the hands is far less difficult that any other part of the body.
Henna tattoos are known to be safe, non-permanent, and painless. But please be wary if you ever see someone using black henna as it can harm your skin. Henna used for tattooing is always brown and never black. Black hennas contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. Henna colors vary from orange, brown, reddish brown, coffee brown, and others but never black. It is best to tic yourself first and look out for signs of reaction before applying it thoroughly.

Tribal Tattoo Pictures

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What It Stands For
Tribal tattoos depict a lot of symbols and are deeply rooted in history. In some instances they represent cultural expressions of spirits, blessings and status. Others could also mean protection and the relationship of earth to the cycle of life. Considered as one of the first tattoos imprinted by accident, tribal tattoo was first used by primitives by playing around with fire. Perhaps it started when someone got poked with a burnt or charred stick and realized this left a permanent mark upon the body.
It has also been said that the very first tribal tattoo pictures were of the sun or flames in honor of the sun god. These tattoos were actually believed by people to be a symbol and instrument that would foster a closer relationship to god.
Tribal tattoo pictures possess three unique characteristics that made them be considered as a form of art. That is pain, permanence and blood. As a form of art, tribal tattoos cover amazing array of designs and is in fact the most common of tattoo designs. Tribal tattoo pictures actually depict native and aboriginal cultures of the past, as well as the up to date graphic designs.
As the name says, tribal tattoos were used to identify tribes, clans and families. It is not only used as an identification of an individual but it was believed that tattoos would allow someone to find his tribe and rejoin with it again in the afterlife. At present, we may not have tribes to identify ourselves with but there are the contemporary forms of tribal groups such as fraternal gangs, and other organizations that make use of designed tattoos.
There are different kinds of tribal tattoo pictures; a Maori tribal tattoo is done with the use of chisels and was considered sacred. It is also a long and painful process. Maori tattoos signify the celebration of life’s important events. It represents courage and strength as well; these tribal tattoo designs consist mainly of distinctive curved shapes and spirals.
There is also a kind of tribal tattoo that uses a fine tooth combed out of a hippopotamus tusk, which is called moli. It is a native Hawaiian tattoo that like any others, offers personal identification. It also signifies protection and a representation of mourning as compared to other tribal tattoo pictures that are plainly body adornments. Another form is the Polynesian type. In contrast to others, Polynesian tribal tattoos are based on traditions, social and religious values, tribe rituals and tribal ancestors.
In general, tribal tattoo pictures are designed in solid black. Although contemporary artists are now starting to break trends and make use several of colors to make designs more attractive and further enhance the artistic values of tribal tattoos.

Tribal Armband Tattoo: Bad Luck?

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Armband tattoos are designs that encircle the upper arm, also known as the biceps. It is one of the most popular type of tattoos since it highlights the bicep’s tone and can complement the upper arm by making appear more slender or muscular and toned, depending upon your build. It tends to be a flattering look for both men and women. Tribal armband tattoos symbolize different meanings as shown in history books. But its main purpose is to identify affiliation to a tribe or a family tree. It is also believed that tribal arm tattoos are identical markers for reuniting family members in the afterlife. Throughout history, armband tattoos have been proven to attract people from every race and religion. Tattoo designs are said to unite the elements of nature. The most common designs include: the sun, moon, and stars.
Since the tattoo design is bold and appealing to the eyes, it extremely popular. The nice thing about the location of the tattoo is that if the desire or need arises, it is very convenient to hide it under sleeves. These designs vary from simple lines to complex art.

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Some people believe that encircling the tattoo completely will bring bad luck. But in reality, it is difficult to encircle the design entirely because of the complexity of the arm’s contours. It is easier for the artist to leave a little space in order to not to destroy the design.
Although tribal armband tattoo designs were symbolic originally, today they represent more of an artistic masterpiece than anything. Current designs include bold solid patterns with swirling lines for an organic feel. Tribal designs are perfect for bicep tattoos since designs tend to be free flowing, making it look good no matter what angle you view it from.

The outer part of the arm is one of the least painful areas when getting a tattoo. That might be the reason why most people opt for shoulder and upper arm tattoos. Based on the experiences of most tattoo enthusiasts, armband tattoos don’t really cause much pain compared to other areas, but be mindful that the thinner areas of the skin are more sensitive, thus the inner part of the arms are expected to be a little painful.