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How to get pregnant fast.

How To Get Pregnant Fast - Your Guide To Having A Baby Right Away 
Many newlyweds are trying to raise a family but fail to do so due to fertilization problems. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a failure in fertilization. It could be that the woman has a lower progesterone level, ovulation problems, or even some disease like endometriosis. 
Before you do any holistic or natural methods to get pregnant, you need to consult your doctor first. No matter how effective you here these holistic methods are, there is still no substitute for science based medicine which your doctor can provide you.
Here are obvious ways to get you pregnant fast: You have to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. This means that you have to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and lower your caffeine intake. You should also exercise at least twice a day. 
You should also consider tracking your monthly period. You should track the days of your luteal phase. Keep record of your vaginal temperature. You should also take note of the cervical mucus. There is also a technique called "Ovulation Calculator" - this calculator can be very accurate.
There is also the factor of sexual position. A lot of couples attest to the effectiveness of the missionary position. When you are in the missionary position, the man's sperm should be closer to the ovum or egg of the woman. It closes the gap somehow and gets the sperm closer and hence it can fertilize it better.
Medical help is better suited to help women get pregnant. Like I said earlier, science based medicine is the best chance you have to get pregnant. It's not bad to try the holistic remedies but then again, you can always be sure when you talk to a doctor.  
I wish you best of luck in your quest to get pregnant.